Compatibility between SDL desktop translation tools (Part 1)

The new Studio product and the old Trados products are compatible aren’t they?  Would it be true to say that Studio can handle the old Trados formats, but Trados can’t handle the new Studio formats out of the box?  I think it’s true… but it still requires a little knowledge about how best to handle the compatibility issues that might arise.

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Screenshots and videos

There are many tools on the internet for capturing screenshots, recording screen videos and making simple edits to images.  They range from expensive to free and complex to simple. But the best tool I have found that serves my purposes and is one of the most heavily used pieces of software I own is FaststoneCapture.

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The SDL OpenExchange (aka the SDL AppStore)

This is only the second blog I’ve written and the early dliemma is what to write about first.  I decided to talk about the OpenExchange (rebranded later in 2016 as the SDL AppStore) created by SDL as this is an industry first and in my opinion is a very strong reason to buy into the Studio platform this is created for.

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