Open Document – Saving Target Tip

One thing I didn’t address in my earlier blog on using the “Open Document” approach is saving the target file.  When you create a full project in Studio a neat folder structure is created that seperates the files for you… so something like this: Continue reading “Open Document – Saving Target Tip”

“Open Document”… or did you mean “Create a single file Project”

I love SDL Trados Studio, and I think it’s easy to use, but sometimes we just hide this fact a little!  I think a case in point, and one of the most confusing things for users of SDL Trados Studio is the “Open Document” command.  It sounds as though it’s a quick way to open a document to work on.  But it’s only like this when you wish to open a document to work on the first time you ever open it.

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A couple of little known gems in SDL Trados Studio

Two questions came up on ProZ today which Studio can handle very nicely.  Despite this I often see some very clever and amazing workarounds that are probably not necessary at all.  So I thought I’d write this quick post for two reasons… the first just to share these great and easy to use features in Studio, and secondly because I thought I’d use FastStoneCapture to record a video to explain the process when I answered both questions on ProZ this afternoon, and I blogged about this brilliant little tool last week.

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