The PowerShell what?

#01The PowerShell Toolkit… that’s what!
None the wiser?  Me neither… but it sounds like a really cool idea so I thought if I can do it then so can anyone else if I share the concept a little.  So I’m writing this article as I learn how to use this toolkit!
Powershell is a task automation framework that is installed as part of Windows… the PowerShell Toolkit compiled by Patrik Mazanek of SDL uses this framework and in simple terms it’s a way of providing the tools for automating things that Studio can do without having to redevelop the computer code to do them yourself.  So you already have the means to do this and like me may not have known it at all!
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One year old today!

#01The very nice people at WordPress sent me an anniversary note today to tell me that I launched this blog one year ago!  Time certainly flies and I hope the last 12-months has been useful and interesting for everyone who reads this blog?
I thought it might be interesting to share a few statistics from this first year as they are easily obtained from WordPress which supplies lots of interesting facts and figures.  I don’t know how this measures up against other bloggers getting started, but it’s an interesting target for me in keeping this up for the next year.  Certainly I hope I can think of lots of interesting things to write about… and perhaps anyone reading this will give me a few suggestions for anything I didn’t cover but should have.  Certainly the SDL Innovate event this month was extremely inspiring so perhaps I’ll be able to tie a little customer experience into some of the things I write about this year.
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Glueing your files…

#01Update January 2015 : Note that this is possible in Studio 2014, but now you can also merge after the project is created too!
The use of the term “glue” in describing what “Trados Glue” was used for made it very clear what it was intended to do.  In fact the term “glue” for merging files together is almost a standard!  I have no idea whether it was Trados that first coined the term in the context of CAT tools but it certainly stuck 😉
Today I see the question of how to “glue” files together to make it easier to manage them quite often… sometimes accompanied by the phrase “Trados Glue”.  So it seems appropriate to provide a quick article on how this is achieved with today’s CAT, SDL Trados Studio.  Studio has had a similar feature since it was launched back in 2009 but it is not called “Studio Glue”, although perhaps it should have been, it is simply called “Merge Files”.  It is also a big improvement over the original Trados version allowing you to merge any filetypes you like and work on them as a single file.
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