InSource! Bringing in your source content

001Workflow” and “Automation“.  Terms that are normally used (in our world) when talking about a TMS (Translation Management System).  So when working with tools like SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS which are provide a high degree of customisation, both using the user interface and/or through the API (Application Programming Interface).  For example, in SDL WorldServer you could create a workflow that automated the process for things like this:

  1. watch a CMS (Content Management System) or a number of folders somewhere for updated files
  2. as soon as new files appear kick off a project management workflow (analyse, prepare quotes, determine due dates, assign work etc.)
  3. Start a translate/review workflow with automated assignments of the work as each bit of the workflow completes
  4. send final documents off for “in country” review and support a review process if changes are required
  5. update Translation Memories, Termbases with final changes
  6. create invoices and send find details to a payment/invoicing system

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