Managing your SDL Plugins…

001The SDL Appstore is growing!  At the time of writing this article there are 161 apps on the store and over 220 thousand downloads from our users.  This is quite impressive and we are still only getting started as the number of APIs available for developers increases.  At the moment, in Studio alone we have APIs that allow a developer to do these sorts of things:

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InSource! Bringing in your source content

001Workflow” and “Automation“.  Terms that are normally used (in our world) when talking about a TMS (Translation Management System).  So when working with tools like SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS which are provide a high degree of customisation, both using the user interface and/or through the API (Application Programming Interface).  For example, in SDL WorldServer you could create a workflow that automated the process for things like this:

  1. watch a CMS (Content Management System) or a number of folders somewhere for updated files
  2. as soon as new files appear kick off a project management workflow (analyse, prepare quotes, determine due dates, assign work etc.)
  3. Start a translate/review workflow with automated assignments of the work as each bit of the workflow completes
  4. send final documents off for “in country” review and support a review process if changes are required
  5. update Translation Memories, Termbases with final changes
  6. create invoices and send find details to a payment/invoicing system

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