The ATA53 Studio presentation in San Diego…

As a follow on to the presentation I gave at the ATA this year, which was very well attended (photo courtesy of Wesley Budd) I thought it might be useful if I highlighted some of the things covered on the day.
The session itself was a little ad-hoc, deliberately so, because I wanted to make sure the content was relevant to the attendees, and because it wasn’t a getting started session.  So I covered quite a lot of material, that judging by the number of people furiously scribbling down in their notebooks could use a little follow up!
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The ATA 53rd Annual Conference

This year I get to attend my second ATA (American Translators Association) event.  The last one was in Boston, this time San Diego, and I am looking forward to it.  In planning for this event I’m trying to learn from the previous one where I made a huge mistake.  I ran a beginners and new to SDL presentation, which was great… but the audience was very mixed in experience and I was only too happy to be led off into the “geeky” (as @Jeromobot nicely put it last week) world of handling questions that were probably not for beginners.
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