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RWS Campus Online 2022 : Discussion Panel

Virtual Event

This conference is all about RWS Campus and what RWS are doing to support the future of our industry, the many professions within it and equal opportunities for everyone. But is it enough? There are many unanswered questions around the future of our professions, especially with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence. Join this panel […]

RWS Campus Online 2022 : Accessibility in Trados

Virtual Event

Accessibility in software is a big topic and very few software developers do it well.  This means that students with disabilities are at a disadvantage, not only when going through their academic journey, but also when using technology in their chosen career.  In this session Paul Filkin is joined by Anna Rita De Bonis and […]

RWS Campus Online 2022 : Using the University Private AppStore

Virtual Event

Students cannot access the RWS AppStore to take advantage of the rich source of additional tools and utilities available unless they own their own licence for Trados Studio.  The Private AppStore changes all that.  In this session you'll learn how RWS Campus has solved this problem and how all students and lecturers attending a University […]