Latest Past Events

APTRAD’s 1st International Audiovisual Conference

ISCAP (Porto Accounting and Business School)

Day 1 14:30-15:30 «CATs and Softwares for Subtitling» Luiz Fernando Alves , Bernardo Santos , Kamen Ferdinandov and Paul Filkin  

Trados Virtual Conference Series : Working around the translation of ‘computer code’

Virtual Event

Information It’s not that unusual to find 'computer code' being presented for translation in many different filetypes. This can occur because the author just thought it would be easier to have the content in Microsoft Word or Excel; it can happen because a content management system easily dumps its HTML content into a CDATA section […]

Trados Virtual Conference Series : Transcreation in a CAT tool!

Virtual Event

Information We all know that transcreation is something you can’t do with a CAT!  At least conventional wisdom tells us a translation memory (TM), or machine translation (MT), won’t be a lot of help here. But a CAT, or rather a translation environment tool (TEnT), has been more than just TM and MT for a […]