What's all the fuss about "edit source"?

Update: 15 January 2015
This is now possible for all file formats except for ITD, updated in Studio 2014.
SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 has introduced “edit source”… but only for Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint file formats at the moment.  For Freelance Translators this is a welcome addition because it has been one of the most heavily voted for ideas on the SDL Ideas site.  However, is this enough and why haven’t SDL introduced this before?  This is fast becoming a topic for much debate on the public forums and Facebook pages so I thought it warranted a little insight into the problems of introducing “edit source”.
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Compatibility between SDL desktop translation tools (Part 1)

The new Studio product and the old Trados products are compatible aren’t they?  Would it be true to say that Studio can handle the old Trados formats, but Trados can’t handle the new Studio formats out of the box?  I think it’s true… but it still requires a little knowledge about how best to handle the compatibility issues that might arise.
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The SDL OpenExchange (now RWS AppStore) (aka the SDL AppStore)

This is only the second blog I’ve written and the early dliemma is what to write about first.  I decided to talk about the OpenExchange (rebranded later in 2016 as the SDL AppStore) created by SDL as this is an industry first and in my opinion is a very strong reason to buy into the Studio platform this is created for.
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