01I was playing around with which is a free language learning website I came across this weekend… I really like the concept where people with an interest in learning a language, or an interest in helping others learn a language, can come together in an environment where they are provided with the tools to help them satisfy their interest.  I even boosted my own score spending a little time correcting the English lessons completed by others… this also made me feel pretty good and I hope the comments were helpful; now I just need to try out the learning part myself which requires more discipline than I have been able to muster to date!!

This experience is something I enjoy every year with SDL though and we do it in a variety of ways… but none are as enjoyable as the ones where we get face to face with our customers.  These are the ones I like the most and are probably something we should rebrand… maybe not as SDLmocha but I like the thought!

We talk about the events we attend a lot, in the community,  on twitter (follow @sdltrados or me), and of course with plenty of email campaigns and information on the SDL website but it’s still surprising how many people are not aware of all these language community events we run ourselves, never mind the ones we attend that are organised by others.  It’s always worth checking out the timetables for these events because there just may be something going on near you, and the benefits of free face to face time on any subject you like can’t be underestimated.  SDL have experts attending these events from the product teams that include business consultants, developers, product managers, technical support and more.  The Autumn roadshows are kicking off soon so make sure you register your interest now… they are popular events and are limited to the space available.

In addition to these regular events we sometimes sneak in some new ideas such as the SDL Hackathon and technical training for developers that was successfully ran at SDL Innovate for the first time this year in San Francisco.  That event was so cool, and successful, it’s being repeated in Europe and capping off another idea which is to invite our users for a little SDLmocha… well actually it’s called the SDL Open House.  The idea is that the SDL doors are open for a series of formal and non-formal events from Monday 14th September through to Saturday 19th September.  This week covers events for all of our customers, so this means many more products than just the language related ones.  I’m mostly interested in the language, and if you’re reading this it’s probably a safe bet that you are too, so here’s what’s on offer in Amsterdam that week for you.

02The Open House14/15 September
This is exactly what it says on the tin… you just turn up any time you like on either of these days, bring your laptop (not essential though) and come armed with questions.  We’ll be there ready to tackle anything you like.  The main focus will be on the productivity tools so this means mainly SDL Trados Studio, MultiTerm etc., but if you have questions on other products and you’d like to spend time with an expert then register for the event through the Open House link and let us know what product you’d like to cover so we can ensure we have the right people there.  Try not to do this the day before just in case, but we should be good for most products.  We’ll also be covering developer related topics too, so Romulus Crisan, will be there for the week and that’s an opportunity too good to miss!

We’ll be there for group sessions where appropriate, and we can provide some training for anyone coming along to just learn a bit more.  If we don’t get inundated with people turning up then we’re happy to provide one to one time too.  You might even want to spend time learning a little about regular expressions or xpath… we can do that too!  Don’t miss this opportunity, it really is an informal Open House and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!


SDL Community Open Hackathon18/19 September
I’m leaving the part of this article I previously wrote here, but the Hackathon has been cancelled as we didn’t have enough interested people.  Why not?  If you’re interested to know why take a look at this thread, and if you disagree it would be great to hear why?
In addition to the opportunities available for developers who would like to attend the various sessions being run, or just want to spend time with an experienced developer to help get started, or learn the best way to tackle the development of some ground breaking idea, there is a Hackathon at the end of the week.  This is really cool and is an opportunity to work with others, or on your own, to develop something in 36-hrs and compete for cash prizes.  This event was really good the first time it was run in San Francisco and the developers who particpated all got a lot from it… in addition to producing the code for some really useful and innovative ideas that could easily be turned into production tools.

All of that week in Amsterdam is like an SDLmocha with opportunities to learn from the experts and share your knowledge with others, all in a relaxed and informal environment.  We haven’t done anything like this before, and I’m looking forward to it… so if you can make it to Amsterdam please do.  We’re there all week, and even if you can only make it after work don’t let that put you off… drop a note when you register and myself and Romulus are easily tempted to spend the evening working in a bar or restaurant 😉

See you there!

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  1. What an awful update

    I was rushing for a Project and when asked I confirmed the update in Studio 2014. Now I regret it. Too much inconvenience

    Del key does not delete the last letter in the segment.
    Pushing End key takes the cursor before the last letter.
    I can only go to the end of the segment, end of the last character by mouse. Right arrow goes
    upto the last letter.
    Before the last character, clicking right arrow takes me to the next segment.
    At the beginning of the segment, click Left arrow would take the cursor to the end of previous segment. This feature is not working anymore.
    Cursor blinks much earlier in the sentence than where I actually write.

    1. Hi again,

      I have checked with the Support team and they have had no reports of this problem at all. They also tested all of the scenarios you mentioned and can’t reproduce the behaviour you are experiencing. Because all of your issues are somehow tied to the last character in a segment we wonder whether there might be an underlying problem there. Is this happening on other applications, like Notepad or MsWord?

      We also tried logging a case on your behalf (so we can see what’s going on there) but we couldn’t find any customer registered with your name or email. So if you can come back to me with your registered email perhaps we can investigate this further for you… I have emailed you on the address you shared in my blog so we can continue the discussion off this thread.


    2. Hi KYC! The best place to raise these type of things (if you don’t have a support contract) is in the SDL Community where it will be seen by the right people.
      I have not seen these problems yet but I’ll test it and pass this onto the support team for comment. But please, do use the Community, it’s more effective than on my personal blog which I may not see for a while.

  2. Hi Paul.

    This is Richard. You may remember me, you helped me out with some Studio issues a couple of years ago. I did have your email, but I’ve lost it for some reason. So I was wondering if you could help me out with my latest issue. I was going to use SDL chat but just getting “Sorry, we can’t chat right now.”

    Having upgraded to 2015 plus ten days or so ago and activated it on both my laptop and PC, the version on my PC suddenly tells me I need to activate, but not so on my laptop. I enter the activation code and get the error message “Activation failed. Activation not allowed as remaining quantity is 0.” In my SDL account it says “Activated: 10-09-2015”. This only started happening today, so I did a system restore, and have tried reinstalling, all to no avail. I have a big project on the go so I urgently need to get this sorted before the “trial” expires.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Richard,

      The place to get support from SDL if you don’t have a support contract is always through the solution finder or the SDL Community. Good to bookmark these locations, and use Google Chrome (signed in) so you never lose them!

      For your particular problem the solution is via the solution finder because you need support to reset your license. Go to the Knowledgebase and then go to the tab called Solution Finder and now go here;

      Licensing Problems
      – I use SDL Trados Studio 2015 / SDL Passolo 2015
      — I need to have my license reset

      Pick the correct route for you and if appropriate you will be presented with a form that you can fill in to generate a support request and you will be contacted, normally within a day.

      Also use the Chrome browser to log the case if you have it; you’ll get more success in completing the form, and make sure your email address is entered correctly or nobody will be able to get back in touch with you.

      I hope this helps… but please make a note of the places to get help!!

      1. Hi Paul,

        Many thanks for your response. I submitted a support request and the issue has been solved. Duly noted re the places to get help. Thanks again.

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