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01It’s funny how questions seem to appear like London buses… you don’t get any and then they all come at once!  More often than not it’s very specific questions that behave this way too.  So you don’t see them for ages and then you get the same question in a number of places for a day or two and then it goes quiet again!  One of the topics that falls into this category is changing the view in the Editor.  By this I mean the colour of the text, the font types or the background you’re working on.  All these things can be changed in Studio to make it easier if you’re dealing with documents that don’t display well and you want to work in wysiwyg mode.

Since the release of Studio 2009 the things I’ll cover here have always been available through the options, but now that we have the ribbon in Studion 2014 it’s even easier.  To make this easier to see (hopefully!) I addressed where the options are in this article and then I recorded a short video so you can see in one go how these work in practice.  This is the text I’m working with, “theview“,  which is obviously a deliberately prepared file containing some things that can make it very difficult to read and work with when working in the default view and you can download it to have a play if you like. Read More

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