Let’s learn about XML…

This year at the Spring Trados Roadshows the emphasis was firmly placed upon education.  Almost all the presentations were based on providing translators, project managers, localization engineers etc. with great material to help them as they work with the Trados toolsets.

I had a few presentations at this event and decided it might be useful to post a few of them here, especially the ones that might help with some of the common filetype questions we see in the communities from time to time.

So I’m starting with this one… which is intended to be an introduction to XML for anyone working with Trados Studio who might be a bit of a beginner when it comes to handling files of this nature.  It’s a very short blog post… for me… but I hope the 40 minute video will make up for it 😉  The structure of the video is based around what you need to understand to be able to use the XML filetype in Trados Studio and covers these topics:

  • What is XML?
  • An explanation of elements, attributes and CDATA
  • What makes an XML file invalid and how to troubleshoot it
  • And lastly a demo of how to create your XML filetype in Trados Studio

So don’t forget… this isn’t intended to be for experienced users, and I hope it’ll be helpful for anyone venturing into the realm of XML translation.

Length: 41.23 minutes

And last but not least… if you have never attended the Trados Roadshows before, or if you just missed the notifications, you can register for the Autumn Trados Roadshow already… they’ll take place in October but there’s nothing like being prepared!

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