Search and replace with Regex in Studio – Regular Expressions Part 3

The final article (in this introductory series anyway) on regular expressions in Studio is looking at how to use search and replace in Studio.  This capability, to use regex to replace as well as search, will only be possible with the update release of SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 and later and it’s a very welcome addition to the toolset provided within Studio.
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The Studio Terminator… err Terminjector

The title of this article is only half joking… half because the Terminjector provides a mechanism for filling a neat hole in the armour of Studio… and the other half because this application takes advantage of exactly what the SDL OpenExchange (now RWS AppStore) was designed to do.  It was designed to provide a mechanism for any developer to develop and plug into the Studio product to introduce capabilities that give them an advantage over anyone else, or share with others so they can get the benefit too.
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Regex… and "economy of accuracy" (Regular Expressions – Part 2)

In Regular Expressions – Part 1 I wrote a summary of where regular expressions could be used in SDL Trados Studio, and I covered a couple of examples.  I also referred to RegexBuddy quite a lot as this is a really useful tool in helping you write and understand regular expressions.  But in case learning another application is something you don’t want to do I thought it would be handy to go through what I think are the most useful applications of regular expressions for every day use in SDL Trados Studio, and also share a few tips on how to use Studio to verify the expressions are finding what you need as well as introduce a little “economy of accuracy“.
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Regular Expressions – Part 1

Regular Expressions, often referred to as Regex, are something that come up again and again in forums, roadshows and the occasional questions.  So I thought it might be useful to take a better look at them and how they can be useful for translators.  To begin with I’m republishing a blog article I wrote a year or so ago on a different site so I can build on this theme in one location.
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A couple of little known gems in SDL Trados Studio

Two questions came up on ProZ today which Studio can handle very nicely.  Despite this I often see some very clever and amazing workarounds that are probably not necessary at all.  So I thought I’d write this quick post for two reasons… the first just to share these great and easy to use features in Studio, and secondly because I thought I’d use FastStoneCapture to record a video to explain the process when I answered both questions on ProZ this afternoon, and I blogged about this brilliant little tool last week.
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